Phi Delt has 30 years worth of alumni from the University of Central Florida who are there to mentor active brothers currently attending college.

Opportunities exist to shadow professionals ranging from attorneys to TV reporters, gain internships — and even get your foot in the door for a job come graduation.

Our alumni have also been known to offer scholarships for deserving pledges who need financial help to join the fraternity. Our strong alumni base is just another reason why Phi Delt is the best fraternity at UCF.

Alumni Spotlight

Phi Delta Theta Connections and Networking alive and well at Raymond James. The bond lives on.

Raymond James in the spotlight with Brother Jeff Fordham, Florida Epsilon #548 University of South Florida Class of 1990 and Head of Corporate & Executive Services in Equity Capital Markets at Raymond James keeps the brotherhood alive with his Brother Josh Lazar, Florida Iota Treasurer #685 University of Central Florida – Summer Intern, Brother Brandon Moore, Florida Epsilon #973 University of South Florida class of 2016 – Analyst, and Grace Rios, University of Florida Alpha Delta Pi class of 2011 – Campus Recruiter and Senior Talent Recruiter at Raymond James.

Michael Irene

Michael Irene, Florida Iota bond 512, is this semester’s Alumni Spotlight.  He graduated Everglades High School in Miramar, FL in 2009. With an older brother already attending UCF and managing the bar Tier, Irene decided to take his talents to Orlando and major in business at UCF. During his freshman year, he met Robel and Giuseppe as well as other Phi’s and immediately clicked with them. After rushing in the fall of his sophomore year, Irene wanted to be a leader and help grow Phi Delta Theta at UCF to become the best fraternity and keep it there for years to come.

While at the University of Central Florida, Michael created connections and memories to last a lifetime. He also wanted to prove that you can still be well known and successful without any drinking or drugs—don’t have to give in to peer pressure, just be yourself. Irene also ran for, and won, UCF Homecoming King of 2012. He wanted to prove that a guy who came from nowhere could become the most popular man on campus and even be friends with every athlete. Irene did all of this without having a sip of alcohol. He also wanted to give back to Phi Delt and IFC by proving that members of greek life benefit the UCF community, and are not just party animals who wreak havoc around campus. To this day, being in front of the entire university and having everyone chant his name is one of his greatest memories of all time—and it definitely will not be easy to top it.

As a member of Phi Delta Theta, he was able to put himself in a different position to learn and build connections “like a smaller version of an internship”. At the same time, it taught him how to handle real-world scenarios and gave him the experience to be both hard working and successful. Irene was the president of his pledge class, but says that his brothers were always there to remind him that nobody is better than anyone else. This mindset helped to keep Irene humble while motivating him to work harder towards all of his goals. After graduation, Irene says it is harder to give back to the chapter than most people think. Mostly by joining the networking groups, Irene is able to keep in touch. However to Irene, the more that alumni try to hold onto and control the chapter, the more it holds the chapter back from growing. Instead he wanted to come up with a different way to contribute as an alumnus.

This semester, Irene started the Justin Levy Low-Bond Scholarship. This scholarship pays for one semester of dues for the low-bond of every pledge class. The pledge semester is the most important semester. It is the true transition of becoming a man and learning how to handle many responsibilities. Nine times out of ten, the pledge that does the most for his brothers and is most deserving of a scholarship is the low bond. In Irene’s pledge class, Justin Levy (Bond 508) is the low bond. Levy is a great example of why he started the scholarship. He was and still is always there for him, always willing to help out with any and all problems. When Irene had nowhere to stay, Levy always offered his couch. When nobody else wanted to step up, Levy was there. Irene says that he wouldn’t do this if he didn’t believe in this fraternity and the brothers that are a part of it.

Currently, Irene works for Citrix selling their virtualization and IT products. He loves his job, which is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale. He originally started out at an IT staffing company that was across the street from Citrix. He worked in sales and recruiting, with Citrix being a major client. After a year at the IT staffing company, he began working for Citrix this past May. Irene also has a girlfriend of one year. He told us that she is the one for him, and that it is game over—he knows it is time to settle down.

Irene also left us with an inspirational final message: “Continue to work hard, continue to do what Phi Delt has taught you. It’s gotten this far not just because of the people, but also because of the morals the ideas the thoughts that brought us to this point. Enjoy every minute of it. Don’t ever be scared. Take the risk. Be happy because once it’s over, it’s over. The real world makes you appreciate the time you had in college. The real world is a great place; don’t let anyone scare you. It is beautiful out here! Hold the time that you have here close to your heart, enjoy the brothers you have around you and show them some love.”