Phi Delt: UCF’s Best Brotherhood

Phi Delt: UCF’s Best Brotherhood

Although Phi Delt offers the best social experience and #1 fraternity sports teams at UCF, there is one part of our fraternity that’s even more important to us — our brotherhood.

It’s honestly rare to find a fraternity so successful in sports, grades and social areas, that’s still able to keep its brotherhood second to none. Excelling in all of these aspects combined is really what makes Phi Delt so great here at UCF — the true “total package” fraternity.


Phi Delta Theta: The Standard For Brotherhood

Our brotherhood is what makes us more than just a group of guys living on the same dorm room floor who play IM football once a week. Our brotherhood lasts for life, and it’s obvious to our pledges right after they join.

From the moment you join Phi Delt you’re surrounded by a group of good guys that is there for you — and looking out for you. There’s a group of older brothers who has already taken the classes you’re taking and ready to help you out, tell you who the best professors are and even just help you adjust to your new life at UCF.

With nearly 60,000 students at UCF, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. But because of our size, it seems a Phi Delt always runs into a brother wherever they are on campus — whether it’s class, meal plan, the gym, or the door guy on the nights you go out!

Our brothers look after each other while in college — like by inviting out of state brothers back home for Thanksgiving dinner.  But one of the biggest benefits comes after college when brothers help new grads find work through our large alumni network.

The bottom line is this: When college ends, the Phi Delt brotherhood continues. You’ll continue seeing your brothers at work, and even at your wedding, often as your best man. Phi Delt is a brotherhood for life. Sign up on the right to let us know you’re thinking you’d like to be a part of it.

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