Best Fraternity at UCF? Phi Delt

Best Fraternity at UCF? Phi Delt

The best fraternity at UCF is Phi Delta Theta.

That goes for sports, grades, brotherhood, socials, size — and more!

Phi Delt was the only fraternity in UCF history to ever win the Greek Cup Sports Championship five times in a row. And UCF just announced in January 2014 that Phi Delt made history again by winning the fraternity IM Sports Cup again — making Phi Delt the most athletic UCF fraternity 5 years in a row! Phi Delt was the only fraternity to compete in the IM football national championship game, after winning the top fraternity football league.

Best fraternity football team at UCF in 2012 after a game

Phi Delt also has the best pledge program, with our pledges’ GPA ranking #1 out of UCF fraternities, with both spring and fall 2012 semesters combined. It’s more proof of our no-hazing pledge program that focuses on bettering each man pledging Phi Delt without interfering with his grades.

Phi Delt is also once again UCF’s biggest fraternity, the most popular choice for UCF students during rush year after year. See if Phi Delt is the place for you when you go through UCF Spring Rush 2013. Just sign up using the form on the right to let us know you’re interested & we’ll send you info about our upcoming rush events.

Here’s the 2014 Greek Sports UCF fraternity rankings, and Phi Delt once again is on top with the most points:

1. Phi Delta Theta | UCF Greek Points: 1429
2. Sigma Pi | UCF Greek Points: 1405
3. Lambda Chi Alpha | UCF Greek Points: 1176
4. Kappa Sigma | UCF Greek Points: 958
5. Zeta Beta Tau | UCF Greek Points: 919
6. Beta Theta Pi | UCF Greek Points: 751
7. Phi Gamma Delta | UCF Greek Points: 749
8. Theta Chi | UCF Greek Points: 696
9. Tau Kappa Epsilon | UCF Greek Points: 638
10. Delta Sigma Phi | UCF Greek Points: 617
11. Delta Upsilon | UCF Greek Points: 461
12. Sigma Nu | UCF Greek Points: 200
13. Pi Kappa Phi | UCF Greek Points: 139
14. Delta Lambda Phi | UCF Greek Points: 65