We know that every parent wants to make sure their son succeeds in college, graduates with good grades and has a great job lined up at graduation.

At Phi Delta Theta, we understand that some parents might be concerned that joining a fraternity could distract from those goals — but in reality, joining the right fraternity can help your son achieve those goals and more.

By joining Phi Delt, your son instantly makes strong connections with a network of more than 100 older students who have been through the classes new freshmen have to take. After being inducted, Phi Delt’s new members get paired up with a “Big Brother” mentor — who’s already made the tough transition from high school to being on his own in college — whose job it is to ensure his little brother’s success both inside and outside of the fraternity.

Year after year, the average GPA for men in fraternities exceeds the average GPA for men who don’t join fraternities at UCF. Part of the reason is the Big Brother mentoring program, but we think there’s another reason as well.

Joining Phi Delt takes the giant, third-largest university in the nation, and makes it feel more like a close group of high school friends. Our brothers are expected to perform required community service hours,  compete in IM Sports against other fraternities, get the chance to meet sorority girls on socials, hold leadership roles in student government, and also can take on valuable, hands-on leadership roles in the fraternity — like treasurer, which oversees a nearly $100,000 annual budget.

Hazing is also completely banned. In fact, we’ve never been in trouble for hazing a pledge in our 30 year existence. That’s because Phi Delt puts grades first. So much so, that brothers who get poor grades face probation or suspension from the fraternity — and lose out on all of the opportunities we just mentioned. So, by getting involved and joining Phi Delt, it actually gives your son more of an incentive to succeed at UCF and do well.

Then, when it comes time to graduate, our network of hundreds of alumni are ready and waiting to help find jobs. In this tough economy, that foot in the door can give your son the edge to land his dream job after having an unforgettable college experience.

If you have more questions — or would like to talk with one of our parents about our experience — please e-mail us at, and we will be happy to discuss further how your son can make the most out of his college experience by joining Phi Delt.

See a video about what we look for in our advisers: